Hertennis is a dynamic community of female tenniscoaches providing opportunities for professional development. The network is the place to be to connect and sharing best practices and helping each other succeed in the world of tennis coaching. By promoting and supporting women in coaching roles, the  network could also help increase the participation of young tennisgirls into the competition.



  • Hertennis Catch up: this monthly structured chat session provides an opportunity for women tennis coaches to connect, share insights, discuss coaching strategies, and support each other in their coaching journeys. 
  • Hertennis Live Events: bringing woman tenniscoaches together in a supportive environment to inspire and stay motivated.
  • Hertennis Boost: focus on the individual womancoach development on/off-court, the purpose of individual coaching can vary depending on the specific goals and needs (clarify goals and develop a clear vision for your future, develop new skills, knowledge, and behaviors, overcoming obstacles and challenges,..)

To become a member of Hertennis, simply sign up below and you will be invited to our events. There are no membership fees, so you can benefit from our community without any cost. We looking forward to connecting with you!